#TosinadedaREVIEW: @CapitalFEMI – Go Low Remix ft @KH_phenom


This track is actually a remix of one Get Low, off his debut album “The year of R&B”. Knighthouse rapper: Phenom gets a feature on this remix, and after listening to this song over and over again, it seemed to me like it’s a Phenom song and he features CAPITAL Femi on it.

Phenom kicks off the song with his bars and punchlines (something he’s known for). The first verse had totally nothing to do with the song tho, as he went on to brag and drop punchlines. “I treat the booth like a kitchen, lunchtime“, “They say they got beef, i don’t see no grill“, “The taking shots but they missing, O neil“, “I’m so dope, myself is what i’m sniffing“. He went on all through the whole first first, till he later dropped a line that hinted what the song was about the song being about ladies Getting low.

CAPITAL Femi comes in next with his sweet and melodious voice, at this point the whole essence of the track is made obvious “Get low, omoge komole“. Its more like a boss spending his money in a club and letting the ladies know that he’s the boss, so they’ve got to go down low for the boss: “Naija lawa, and we party like superstars, we gonna party all night

Its a party track with no banging beats, subtle but good beat, and it definitely soothes the essence of the song. I kinda feel Femi could have dropped more words tho, just may be it wouldn’t have felt like Phenom owned him on his own joint.

Phenom wrapped up the song with a second verse that was in line with the song this time, unlike the first verse. He went in good on this one, short and straight to the point and delivered like a boss. “Knight house general, won beri . . making CAPITAL, now the girls won Femi

It’s a good song, not spectacular, but definitely a good track. It gets a 6.5/10 from me

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