#TosinadedaREVIEW: @Praiz8 – I Miss You


This song got me hooked the first time i heard it, firstly the beat produced by a certain Wilson J’adore Joel is just dope and tender, yet soothing at the same time. The horns, the piano and the soft baselines at intervals set the mood for one of Praiz’s best vocal performances yet on any song. “I Miss You” is an R&B/soul romantic song.

Praiz obviously took his time in writing the lyrics to this song, a love song done to show to a woman that she alone is who he want. Some very direct but yet deep lyrics and still very simple to understand. “Two hearts that beat as one, two souls with but a single thought, to love and to witness the best things…” “Lets think about the world, baby let the magic last forever, baby say that you love me, baby tell me you need me, cos baby me & you, there’s nothing me can do, baby lets leave the world behind . .” Those lines paint a perfect picture with words of what the song is about, easy to understand, yet a message is passed.

The richness of his vocals can’t go without being noticed on this song, and also his display of vocal dexterity at intervals, hitting high pitches with ease. He’s definitely a great and experienced vocalist, and he showed that on this track.

The hook of this song alone already relays the whole message of the song, it explains it all: “I miss you my baby, wanna be with you my baby, nothing is this world can give the feeling of when i’m with you..“.

In conclusion, this is a great song, well delivered in terms of lyrics, vocals, delivery. A complete package, a total love song that can compete with other songs from anywhere in the world. I’m proud it’s by a Nigerian!

The song get’s 9/10 from me.

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