Music Promo For Potential Stars “The D’banj Way”

I was at an open mic event yesterday, met with so many established artistes, some had this arrogance and some were just so down to earth and stuff. It was kinda easy mixing with them, all I had to do was introduce myself as Tosinadeda.

Being an open mic show, there were so many upcoming artistes, majority of them were guys, and I asked myself, where are the female upcoming artistes?. Many of the upcoming artistes obviously came to the event to try out their luck if they could get to relate with a few of the established guys, but I tell you, majority went home disappointed.

Majority had their demo CD’s with them, and all they wanted was for the established artistes or their managers to collect, but they didn’t even get any audience from them. I was so pained, I tried putting myself in their shoes, coming from far and wide with the hope of meeting an established artiste that would at least grant you a little audience, only to be snubbed by all. I would feel terrible and dejected.

But at the same time I had some of my guys with me, and because of my name and popularity, they had audience from all the artistes I talked to.

The first lesson here is connection. As an upcoming artiste, make sure you know at least one person who will be like a link to whoever you want to meet. It’s a natural phenomenon for every human being to listen to someone who they are familiar with.

In as much as I feel that its not fair to ignore upcoming artistes trying to get your attention and give their demo Cd’s, it’s also logical to know that If every up coming artiste wants to give out their demo CD’s to artistes at every show, the artistes will see all upcoming artiste as the same, and would probably get tired of collecting CD’s at every show. They probably have a stock of CD’s they haven’t listened to and will never listen to.

This is where the issue of your strategy comes in, what I call the D’banj packaging. Giving out of CD’s in the first place does not even guarantee that the artiste will listen to you, in fact if you get the attention of an artiste and all you can do is give out your Cd, then to me you have wasted valuable opportunity to sell yourself.

We all know the story of how D’banj met kanye right? He was at the airport and got wind of the fact that Kanye was going to be at the airport he had arrived in earlier. So when kanye showed, he simply walked up to kanye (as an upcoming artiste from africa) not with his demo cd, but with his iPod and his headphones. Now after he succeeded in getting kanye’s attention, imagine if all he had was a demo Cd to give out, he would probably never be on GOOD music today.

That’s a lesson for you upcoming artistes, enough of going around with your CD’s, take a cue from D’banj, go around with your music, so that you won’t be seen as every other upcoming artiste. And also, we know D’banj has this boldness and charisma, those two are very key in getting the attention of whoever you want to talk to. Your approach matters, your boldness matters, and your professionalism matters too. If you miss all that, your iPod will be useless, because you won’t even get the audience at all. So if you know as an upcoming artiste that you don’t have those dbanj qualities, look for a friend that has those qualities, that can sell you in just a few seconds, so that you can get their attention and once you get it, you can play your music to them and hopefully things can workout from there.

Just keep the hustle going, I know many of you guys work really hard, don’t give up, keep learning, and one day you will be stars.



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  1. ..Well said Sir. These are the things really important. Without confidence you really can’t sell much. Many of our talented potential stars, myself inclusive, need to polish up our hustle. That’s all really.

  2. Good article Tosin! I wish I could say more than this. Upcoming artistes need a whole lot of encouragement. It’s frustrating when climbing those steps to the top – absolutely frustrating. Meeting established cats is even the least of problems,how about getting airplay on radio stations? Gosh! “Drop your cd,if it’s good,you’ll hear it OK”. I work on the radio so I know what I’m talking about. To every upcoming cat who’s gone through Tosin’s article,trust me-your time will come. Dbanj didn’t get there in one day,Tuface didn’t, Chuddy K,SolidStar etc didn’t. There’s no overnight celebrity – your time will come. Push harder.
    Well,my comment could pass for an article I guess. Whew!

  3. We sureli av hope wit peepz lyk u..we sureli nid mor people like u cos sum1 lyk has thought of quiting before cos i knw am veri unique n talented so y do i av 2 go tru much i gues am wrong..i nid 2b patient n put in more hardwork 2 my music aswell as my persona! GBAM#

  4. We sureli av hope wit peepz lyk u..we definatly nid mor people like u cos sum1 lyk me had thought of quiting before cos i knw am veri unique n talented so y do i av 2 go tru much i gues am wrong..i nid 2b patient n put in more hardwork 2 my music aswell as my persona! GBAM#

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