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To start with, i am a very pathetic reader and seriously it has affected me a lot and i think it’s a very bad habit for anybody to have because the more you read, the more you learn. That aside,  for some reason i decided to pick up one of my numerous unread books, and this particular one caught my fancy “Leadership Principles for graduate“, a book given to me by a particular beautiful lady as far back as 2010 on my birthday.

i went through the book and a particular topic made me write this article, it’s “Become the team player everyone wants“. knowing fully well that my last music article was a while back, i decided to rephrase the topic as “building a successful music group

its a general saying in Nigerian music that music groups never last, most times its based on the music market in Nigeria, and other times its because of the attitude of the group members. I cant really say i have a solution for the latter, but the former which has to do with attitude is what this article is about.

The next 16 points are very key to having a successful music group.


Being able to adapt to your music group, and not expecting the whole group to adapt to just you alone will help in avoiding unnecessary issues. if every member of the group has it in mind that, its not about me but about the group, then he/she will tend to adapt to others, instead of expecting others to adapt to him/her.


when any team works together as a unit, the results are always positive. see your music group as everybody completing the other person and not competing with the other person. unity is very key to success as a team.


Every member of a team has to tell his or her self that “i am committed to this group and the aims and objectives of this group”. Commitment is very key to the success of any musical group. Do not break the laws of the group and do not leak vital info about the group.


A team needs a single heart, even though everybody has a choice and an opinion, the best way to get ideas is to listen to everybody’s personal opinion, put heads together, weigh it with the aims of the group and agree as a unit, with one heart and one voice. If there is no communication, the whole team suffers.


This is very key to the success of a group, not everybody is a genius, there are members of the group that are very good and gifted, and there are others that are not so gifted. Highly competent people pay attention to detail, and refuse to be average, and always try as much as possible to perform with consistency.


Are you the kind of team member that can be relied on when your help is needed to be a backbone for the group? can you be trusted in the absence of others to do your part of a task? to be a good team member, every member of the group must be dependable, everybody must be ready to act as a leader at any time.


By disciplining your thinking, emotions, and actions, you are paying the price in the little things so that you can attain the bigger things. To succeed as a group, every member needs to downplay all personal characters that can affect the unity of the team to the barest minimum, because its not about each individual, its about the team as a whole. Discipline is key.


Learn to add values to the lives of your team members, doesn’t have to be musically, but from time to time, you can talk to each other  about how to be a better person.


To progress as a team and be successful, always learn to say “yes we can, yes you can, we can do it, we will succeed” etc. Negativity shouldn’t be a motto for your group.


Always do the right things at the right time as a member of a group, do not let it be that your part is always the part with issues every time. Use your time in a productive way. If every member of the team does what he/she is meant to do at the right time, results will be good and there will be less friction.


Courage has no greater ally than preparation, and fear has no greater enemy.


Relationship is a bond that holds any team together, see yourself as a family.


Learn to do things that will improve you. When every member of the team improves his/her self, there will be fresh/numerous ideas from time to time, about how to move the group forward and how to achieve greater heights.


No team succeeds unless every member of that team puts others ahead of themselves. Sticking together as a music group doesn’t differ, every member must learn to be selfless in all things.


When there are challenges in the group, do you see solutions or do you see a problem? what you see is what will lead to the outcome of that challenge. Learn to see solutions to challenges, learn to figure things out faster when there is a problem with the group.


Never give up half way through a journey, it may be really rough but the journey isn’t really over till you cross the finish line. Do not be a weak link in the group when things are hard, be focused on the goal of the group, and with tenacity and zeal of every member, mixed with hard work and professionalism, the end will be good.

Also: Never leave out God in everything you do

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