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Ok note the transition, from the hit single “I done did it” to the “GIGO EP” which was kinda disappointing to me, not because it was a bad body of work, but because it wasn’t what i expected. Then the whole record label saga, and after that she decided to show the freak in her on “Big Biggie”, and then Lord have mercy on the day she teamed up with Sossick and they both made “Mercy”.

The keyboard, the sounds like a spirit was about to be invoked, the flute sound, the chants of “mercy” at the background, the drums and that’s just the intro of the beat. The beat is sick like that, and Eva didn’t even dull one bit, she killed it.

First thing you notice is the passion and pain in Eva’s rap on this song from first verse, the talk of back stabbers, gossips, baseless critics, and how nobody an bring her down: “They tryna pull me, pull me down to the ground, but me no care cos me too hood“. her delivery

She explains the struggle and how she needs God’s help to keep here on track: “We all tryna get paid, so we up from sunday to monday, lord i’m losing my mind, it’s so dark here, please give me the light/ cold cold world and the sun don’t shine, and too many enemies at the end of the night/

Even on the hook and interlude, the message is still the same “Oh Lord have Mercy, i’m just trying to be the best i can be, but these haters keep hating on me” “I’ve got the world on my shoulders today, and my body cannot handle this pain, oh lord have mercy

The transition from the 1st to the 2nd verse is just a sneak peak of the mayhem Eva was about to do to the beat on the second verse. “In your darkest moments, and feels like the earth caves in and snatches up your taste for life, may the Lord hear you when you fall down flat on your face in shame and pray for grace . . . ” At this point, the beat even gets sicker (the syncing of the drums and the baselines and the chords . . Sossick is SICk), and then the 2nd verse starts. “I’ve got blood in my eyes, hate in my veins, dear Lord i tried, i got night and days full of pains, pour more liquor for the pains, ‘m deaf right now i don’t hear what they saying

Same message, same purpose as the 1st verse, but a more beastly delivery that no one has ever heard from Eva, more punchlines and metaphors and very deep lines. “Everybody trying to get a piece of me, when broken to pieces, they piss at me, they nasty, look how they walk right past me, act like they don’t even see me” . .  That line is just self explanatory, the every day life of fakers and roaches, who you think got your back but really don’t.

My Favorite on this song: “The snakes don’t don’t stay in the grass no more, see them trying to share my bedroom floor/ fakes, nobody comes real no more” . . deep lines, sick lines, dem lines alone explain the aim of the song and how she feels. I also kinda like the yoruba wordplay she did on the 2nd verse: “Awon ton je bread pelu fanta si, temi bread agege, wan f’ata si

Great song, Rap with passion, dope beat, and the result is “Mercy”. Get’s a 9/10 from me

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