The unfounded and malicious criticism aimed at Bola Ahmed Tinubu, time to let go

President Tinubu of Nigeria

Recall when you vehemently raised questions about President Buhari’s educational qualifications, disparaging a distinguished general who not only fought for our nation but also excelled at a prestigious U.S. war college.

Regrettably, in Nigeria, the passion to undermine certain individuals, often politicians, leads to the abandonment of basic common sense. This is often masked under the guise of “acting in the best interests of Nigeria,” all while pursuing personal vendettas.

Today, the same scenario unfolds with President Bola Tinubu. His educational background at Chicago State University has been thoroughly confirmed by the institution itself. Both his enrollment and academic transcript, complete with grades, have been authenticated. However, an entirely legal replacement certificate, procured through an authorized vendor, is unfairly and mischievously labeled as forgery.

Chicago State University has stated unequivocally that though they did not provide the replacement certificate he submitted to INEC, using a vendor for the same purpose is entirely within the bounds of the law. Instead of accepting this, you persist in your accusations, driven by your opposition during elections.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult not to conclude that Nigeria hosts an unfortunate abundance of individuals who deliberately choose ignorance. You proclaim to champion the cause of Nigeria’s best interests, legality, fairness, and justice, yet you passionately endeavor to misrepresent a legal action as illegal simply because you have a platform and a voice.

Worse still, you hypocritically engage in the very actions you condemn, accusing President Tinubu and his supporters of tarnishing Nigeria’s reputation when, in reality, it is you who are willing to go to great lengths, even if it means damaging the nation’s image, just to discredit the President’s character and integrity.

The question lingers: What has President Tinubu done to evoke such vehement opposition? Is it his success in the political arena, his strategic acumen, his brilliance, or his distinguished career both within and outside politics? Is it his audacity to run for the presidency and secure victory against formidable odds? What precisely is his offense?

Throughout his political journey, President Tinubu’s reputation and image have been relentlessly targeted, yet he has consistently emerged stronger and more resolute, standing unwavering in the face of adversity.

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