Aliyu Wadada Ahmed: Declaration Of Intent To Contest For The Position Of Nasarawa State Governor

It was Plato who said that one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. Growing up, I must have been unconsciously guided by this maxim of political leadership due to my consistent tendency to serve the people. This has been a feature from my younger days at Keffi students union, to the creation of the association for better Keffi and subsequently, the creation of the association of the under 40’s when I became a House of Representatives member in 2003. It is pertinent to note that I was a founder or founding member of all the above associations, particularly the association of the under 40’s that has produced three speakers of the house of representatives: Bankole, Tambuwal, and Dogara.

It is in the light of the above that I Aliyu Wadada Ahmed declare my intention to run for the office of the governor of Nasarawa state in 2019. “In God we trust”.
We shall join hands with the people of Nasarawa to make our dearly beloved state a befitting one where there would be the dignity of life. I bring to the good people of Nasarawa state a credible, dynamic, and contemporary opportunity to improve our commonwealth as a state.

Nasarawa state is tremendously blessed not only with very good people but also vast arable land. Salt and Limestone in Awe. Coal in Obi. Marble in Ugya. Petroleum been prospect in Keana.
Our state is bounded by the FCT, Kaduna, Plateau, Benue and Taraba States. The potentials of the state and it’s population of 3million people are yet to be fully harnessed.

Our government will be innovation-driven based on contemporary public service approach. Our commitments as outlined in our manifesto are hinged on the following:

1. Public Service Accountability and Good Governance
Plug revenue leakages, ensure fiscal sustainability, implement systems and processes for efficient and responsible public service e.g recurrent vs overhead costs, transparency and accountability in the civil service (Establishment of Procurement Agency).

2. Sustainable Human Capital Development
Rehabilitate the health, Education and Social welfare infrastructure across the state. e.g improve hospitals and schools, ensure inclusiveness and timely benefits retirees etc.

3. Security, Law and Social Order
Institutional Support for law enforcement, support community policing, secure farmers and herders and implement systems and processes to ensure social decorum.

4. Reformation of Land Administration and Related investments
Develop and attract investments in the mineral resources sector, implement agriculture and industry clusters in each senatorial zone for efficiency and sustainability of the agricultural value chain. Reform land and make the state sustainable regarding food(open up the Abuja corridors of the state).

5. Infrastructure for Economic Growth and Prosperity.
Implement realistic, Sustainable infrastructure development such as Roads, Water and Electricity. Attract investments using the P3 model and create economic zones for our youths to be gainfully employed.

Our Vision is a Nasarawa state that life will be worth living for the citizens.

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