Breaking: $43.4m, £27,800, N23.2m found in Ikoyi residence finally forfeited to the FG

News from the EFCC confirms that Justice Hassan has ordered the Final Forfeiture of $43.4m, £27,800, N23.2m, which are funds found in an Ikoyi residence sometimes in April 2017.

EFCC Uncovers Another Massive Stash of Monies In Ikoyi

Further investigation revealed that the funds belonged to the NIA and the flat where it was found actually belonged to the wife of the DG of NIA: Ayodele Oke, who was later suspended by the president pending when investigations are completed.

In another interesting angle of revelations, the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike said the funds belonged to the Rivers State Government and gave the government an ultimatum to return it.
Recovered $43m belongs to Rivers State says Wike

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