Secondus Replies Presidency, Says Buhari Serving Nigerians In Military Terms

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Prince Uche Secondus yesterday said that he and other members of his party being maligned and harassed by despotic APC administration are not afraid of Nigeria law because they believe in the rule of law.

Prince Secondus said that the desire of the Buhari administration was to drag Nigeria back to dark period where those in power could jail people, including foreigners indiscriminately without going through the process of the law.

Secondus through a statement from his media office, signed by Ike Abonyi, wondered why the Presidency is stressed up on an innocuous letter to the United Nations, UN, that merely stated the obvious happenings in the country regarding democratic developments.

He said: “Instead of debunking the issues raised in the letter with empirical facts they now resort to blackmail and intimidation of arresting and docking PDP members.

“Let the Presidency tell the World what they have done in the past three years to deepen our democracy, is it the inconclusive elections rampant under their watch; is it the evasion of Judges Homes at midnight with deadly weapons or the evasion of parliament and abduction of the mace?

“PDP members are not afraid of facing the law because they believe in the rule of law, what they are resisting and wants the international community to note is the gradual return of 1984 draconian system in 2018.“Anybody who watched a serving Senator being taken to court in an ambulance in a distance of over 200 kilometers in a frame up charges, would know that our democracy is in danger.

The PDP boss wondered why they did not list those things the administration is doing or has done to deepen our democracy instead of bemoaning about a harmless letter that just explained situations as it is.“Can democracy flourish in an atmosphere where the Senate of a country is being vandalized and mace symbol of authority removed by hired hoodlums as security operatives that reports to the Presidency watch?

“Is democracy not threatened in a situation where serving legislators are being framed up and humiliated publicly by agents of the state just for having dissenting voice on issues?“The history of our party is a history of democratic struggle, we know our contributions, we know the price we paid to be here, we cannot just seat and watch it destroyed in the name of fighting corruption while the same government is harbouring and giving cover to known corrupt people in the other room.”

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