Nigeria & Corruption: #WhoIsCorrupt


The word corruption is not new in Nigeria or to Nigerians. Even the new born baby born yesterday must have heard the word.  It’s a known fact that the progress of Nigeria has hugely been hindered, due to the greediness & corrupt practices of leaders.

Obviously, the politicians loot large chunks of public funds, that sometimes trying to estimate the amounts, make you sick.

It is true that the corruption of Nigerian leaders has adversely affected Nigeria, but the question is: is it just the politicians alone?

Can you boldly say you are not as guilty as Nigerian politicians?????

Few Instances below

  • You are a University student, you boldly flaunt cash in the faces of your lecturers to give you good grades. You are guilty of corruption.
  • You are a landlord, you arrange with electricity officials to bypass your electric meter so that you don’t pay light bills, yet you bill your tenants.  you are guilty.
  • You are a police officer, you take advantage of your uniform to forcefully get money from commercial vehicles, you take advantage innocent people that are ignorant, arrest them for no reason and get them to pay for bail. You are guilty.

corruption in nigeria 2012

  • You are a lecturer, you tell your students they can never pass your course till they buy your handouts. You are guilty.
  • As parents, you connive with exam invigilators to buy answers for your kids right from common entrance stage so they can pass exams, you are guilty.
  • You are clergy man, you use your influence to divert church funds to your personal use, you are guilty.
  • You cut corners to avoid paying full subscriptions for cable TV, you are guilty.
  • You are a civil servant, your job is to stamp proposals of suppliers, but you won’t stamp them until you get tipped, you are guilty.
  • You won’t play a good song on radio because the artiste cannot afford to wet your palms, you are guilty.
  • You divert company funds for your personal use, because you have the access, you are guilty.
  • Airport officials demanding for money for no reason at all from travelers, because you can delay them, you are guilty.
  • Guy abeg write N10,000 for the invoice, instead of N5,000. Once office pay, we go share the extra on top. You are guilty.


Truth is many of us Nigerians do not regard the instances i stated above as corruption, some even see it as normal, but deep down we know it is corruption. Almost everyone of us is corrupt on different levels. These politicians only have access to bigger cookie jars.

Ridding Nigeria of corruption is a whole long process, and it starts from You and I, everyone is involved, if you are not diligent with little things, how then can you be diligent when you get into position of these politicians?

It is never too late to turn over a new leaf & steer clear of corrupt acts. We can all make this country great & better again.

God Bless Nigeria!!!! NIGERIA will be great again . . . .

Tosinadeda 2015

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