HEADIES 2012 : Nominees List Review

Best album (solo or group) in year under review, that meets judges’ requirements of excellence (in every realms: songwriting, production, rendition and promotion) and acceptability (sales, popularity)

Everybody Loves Ice Prince – Ice Prince
The Invasion – P-Square
Superstar – Wizkid
Super C Season – Naeto C

Tosinadeda’s View
My thoughts, E.L.I and Superstar and Invasion on the basis of acceptability are worthy nominees, even though i feel Invasion is a very poor album compared to their former works. Super C season on the other hand, i really don’t know the basis for it’s nomination, it wasn’t a fantastic album in terms of content and neither was it as popular compared to the other 3. Sales? eeeer we all know it also didn’t get as much sales as the other 3.

In this category, i feel Bashorun Gaa or Versus album by 9ice should have made it. On what basis? songwriting, production, sales, popularity. just an opinion though.

Most critically and commercially adjudged artiste in the year under review Overall most successful artiste for the year under review.

Ice Prince
Naeto C

Tosinadeda’s view
Nominees are just on point, just a little addition. Naeto C again? I am not really sure he merits this nomination, but what can i say, he had some very popular songs. Let’s just say he’s the weakest on the list, but he merits it (i think that’s a better way to put it)

D’banj made it on the basis of Oliver twist (Monster hit) if you ask me. Are you thinking what i am thinking? Where is Iyanya? He has the biggest song in the year under review. If D’banj got nominated with just one single, Iyanya deserves a nomination too.

Most popular song from an album in year under review. Decided by voting

Chop My Money – P-Square ft. Akon & May-D
Dami Duro – Davido
Oliver Twist – D’Banj
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Kukere – Iyanya

Tosinadeda’s Comment
Eeeeeeer if you have any issues with this category, let me see your hands up . . . . There you have it, no hands up. On point, everybody deserves the nomination. I am not done yet though, i for one thought W4’s Kontrol should have made the list (yeah i know it dropped in 2010), but the category says “most popular song in the year under review” it doesn’t say the song must be released in the year under review. It’s either i don’t understand english, or the organizers of the Headies didnt fully clarify their criteria.

Best single recording (on-air only or released) by artiste or group in year under review. Originality and production very essential

Stupid Song – Bez
Private Trips – Wande Coal
Ara – Brymo
I Love You – Praiz

Tosinadeda’s Comment
i went through the criteria of this category, and only one song came to my head “Is It Over” by Timi Dakolo ft Joan Ekpai. Oh well it’s not on the list, i feel it should have made the list though. back to the nominations, all of them are on merit.

The individual responsible for producing the most acclaimed songs/album in the year under review. His CV for the year includes top-notch tracks and production credits no one can fault.

Cobhams – Stupid Song (Bez)
Tee-Y Mix – Super C Season (Naeto C)
Shizzy – Dami Duro (Davido)
J Sleek – Private Trips (Wande Coal)
Jesse Jags – E.L.I (Ice Prince)

Tosinadeda’s comment
Let me just go straight to the point, please what did Sarz and Dtunes do to offend the people at the Headies HQ? Sarz is a beast, a monster on the beat, better than Shizzy who made the list. Talking about shizzy, if just one track got him a nomination, how come Iyanya’s kukere didn’t get Dtunes a nomination? i need answers please.

Best conceptualised, best edited, best picture, best directed and most exciting video in year under review as voted by fans and decided by the jury.

5 & 6 (Naeto C) – Clarence Peters
Chop My Money Remix (P-Square) – Jude Okoye
Ara (Brymo) – Ajeh
Kosorombe (Dipp ft. Da Grin) – Mex

Tosinadeda’s comment
Very good nominees, but please where is Nawti by Olu Maintain? where is Banikidi by Darey and where is Ghetto by Shank? if this three are not good enough for a nomination, i am not sure “5 and 6” should even be considered.

Best R&B single in year under review (by single individual or group)

Private Trips – Wande Coal
Stupid Song – Bez
Nawti – Olu Maintain
Soundtrack – May D
Love Me (3X) – Tiwa Savage

Tosinadeda’s comment
Now this is serious, whoever put up this list has issues with identifying the music genre of a song, and that’s serious, because if an award committee will nominate “Stupid Song” and “Nawti” as R ‘N’ B, then something is very wrong. I know there are worthy nominees for this category, what happened? Not one nomination for Timi Dakolo’s “Beautiful Noise”, now that’s a shame on the award committee.

Best pop single in year under review (by single individual or group)

Dami Duro – Davido
Oliver Twist – D’Banj
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Chop My Money – P-Square
Kukere – Iyanya

Tosinadeda’s comment
No issues with this category, but Olu maintain’s “nAwti” should have been in this category and not in the R’N’ B category.

Best R&B or pop album in year under review (by single individual or group)

Superstar – Wizkid
Super Sun – Bez
Versus – 9ice
The Invasion – P-Square

Tosinadeda’s Comment
Oh finally a nomination for 9ice? i was thinking they didn’t know that he dropped a double album, as he was left out of album of the year and artiste of the year. I have an issue with R ‘N’ B and POP being grouped together though, they are two different genres of music that shouldn’t be grouped together at all.

Back to the nominees, For those who have issues with Bez, he dropped a dope album (blame yourself for not knowing) and he deserves that spot. Invasion album? may be on sales, because that album to me was poor, and the acceptance after sales says a lot about the album too, REAL Psquare fans know that it was their weakest effort ever.

But once again, where is Timi Dakolo’s “Beautiful Noise”, something is wrong. i need an explanation, because that album deserves a spot in this category, i bought the album so i know what i am saying.

The Next set of categories are going to be about RAP, so i will just group them together and say my piece

Best single released on-air recording of a rap song

Too Much Money – Iceberg Slim
Shutdown – Phyno
Angeli – Vector ft. 9ice
Oh My Gosh – Yung6ix
Young Erikina – Olamide

Best album by a rap artiste or group in year under review

E.L.I – Ice Prince
The Dreamer Project – Show Dem Camp
Rapsodi – Olamide
Super C Season – Naeto C

Rap Artist with best lyrical depth and performance on a single song or album

Vector – Angeli
Yung6ix – Oh My Gosh
Iceberg Slim – Too Much Money
Phyno – Shutdown
Erigga – Mo Street Gan

I am of the opinion that Rap is a very delicate category of any award, and as such should be treated carefully. If what they put up under these categories are the best that Nigeria has to offer in Rap in the year under review, then it’s either Rap is dead in Nigeria or Rap is Dying, or The people at the Headies HQ don’t know anything about Rap. But music listeners like me know that rap is very much alive in Nigeria, some people just didn’t do their homework well.

Rap award categories should be based more on quality, content and talent over popularity. we live in an era where the real Rap songs don’t even get anything close to good airplay, so why will an award on such a category be based on popularity?

I don’t want to call names, but i think the category of “Lyricist on the roll” is a slap on the faces of Rap fans in Nigeria, it’s a complete joke. if there are no worthy songs in the year under review for this category, Please leave it blank, instead of making a mockery of Naija Rap.

Rap album of the year, all i can say is “Thank God Showdemcamp got nominated”, every lover of Rap in Nigeria knows they have the best rap album in the year under review. Olamide’s Rapsodi is a worthy nominee too, the other two are pop albums.

I have one suggestion to the organizers of this award, Please for subsequent awards, let prominent rap heavy weights (Dj’s, OAPs, Bloggers) be in charge of Rap categories, so as to prevent this kind of joke next time.

By the way, am i the only one who feels iLLbliss’s “Anam Achikwanu” ft Phyno deserved a nomination for rap single of the year?

Best R&B, Pop or hip hop collaborative track (including cameos) in year under review

Chop My Money remix – P-Square ft. Akon & May-D
Angeli – Vector Ft. 9ice
Carolina – Sauce Kid Ft. Davido
Stupid Song – Bez Ft. Praiz
Orobo – Sound Sultan Ft. Excel & Flavour

Tosinadeda’s comment
I have no issues with this category, it’s on point. but i think 9ice ft Tiwa Savage should have made the cut (my opinion). All in all, good nominees.

Single male artiste with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album

Wande Coal – Private trips
Banky W – Low Key
Praiz – I Love You
Brymo – Ara
Bez – Stupid Song

Tosinadeda’s Comment
I can’t even disagree with any of the nominations in this category, but once again no song from Timi Dakolo.

Single female act with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album

Tiwa Savage – Love Me, Love, Love Me
Chidinma – Kedike
Ijeoma – Oloomi
Waje – Na The Way

Tosinadeda’s comment
Another good set of nominations, on point.

Non Nigerian category

Sarkodie (Ghana) – Azonto
Camp Mulla (Kenya) – Feel No Pain
D-Black (Ghana) – Get On The Dancefloor
Zahara (South Africa) – Loliwe

Tosinadeda’s comment
this category doesn’t move me, not interested so no comment.

The most popular street-hop single in year under review

Kako Bi Chicken – Reminisce
Gaga Crazy – Chuddy K
Akpako – Terry G
Roll – Rayce
Mo Street Gan – Erigga

Tosinadeda’s comment
i am not sure anybody should have issues with the nominees, perfect as far am i am concerned.

Most promising upcoming officially unreleased act in the year under review

Eva (Alordia)
Chuddy K

Tosinadeda’s Comment
The original list had Chuddy K on it, till he was removed on the basis that he has an album already. Just one question for the officials at the Headies HQ, didn’t you know that before putting out the nominees? Things like this should be avoided in the future, so people don’t read meanings to it.

This category is about promising upcoming artistes, everybody except flowsick has shown signs of showing us something special in future. For now the dude is still a wizkid wannabe, and he sucks at it.

Best New artiste in the year under review

Ice Prince
Timi Dakolo

Tosinadeda’s Comment
Just one question the people at the Headies HQ, if y’all knew Timi Dakolo was a revelation in the year under review (obviously because of his fantastic album), how come he got no nomination for any of his songs? doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Other nominees in this category were nominated in other categories, why was Timi Dakolo left out?

Special recognition for excellence and outstanding impact to the entertainment industry.

Femi Kuti

Tosinadeda’s comment
This is a well deserved Honour.


Did you all notice that Solidstar was left out of this year’s award? dude was so active during the year under review, dropping singles and videos. Omotena was an anthem and it is still an anthem, Only the Headies Officials knows what happened. Other absentees are Phenom, iLLbliss, Dtunes, Sarz, Fshaw, just to mention a few.

One word to the organizers, thanks for always putting up a platform for appreciating hardworking and talented artistes, but lets endeavor that the right people get the right rewards.

Word to the artistes, don’t be discouraged, keep making good music, submit your content for nominations.

Good Luck to all the Nominees, Naija Music will take Over!!!


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22 thoughts on “HEADIES 2012 : Nominees List Review”

  1. If Chuddy K was removed on the basis that he has an album out, then something must be very very wrong or did davido cancel his OBO ?.

    1. Davido’s OBO wasn’t removed because he had not released it before or during the yera under review. Chuddy K released his in 2010. That means that Davido’s album is legible to review for the next awards.

      Having said that…did anybody notice that there is no……..W4!!!!!

  2. Dat street hop category doesn’t go down wiv me.. If street hop means a song turned anthem on d streets, so who d hell is Erriga??? We dnt know him, neva heard his/song..

  3. TosinAdeda, You are very Short Sighted. And Stupuid. Do You ve a problem with Naeto C? You Misbehave all Over social Media to gain attention. Behave Yourself before you get wacked in this Industry. This is Business.

  4. I feel an important genre is been left out.. Which is the alternative genre..Bez does not sing R’n’B.. He does more of soul and jazz.. Praiz sings R’n’B and soul.. There should be genres where we get to celebrate our own like Nneka(soul is heavy) ,Praiz,dtone ,lindsey,Bez,Ese peters,Keziah jones,Ayo, Asa.. The list is endless…. @Acoustic_lexi

  5. I’m tired of trying to straighten up issues with awards. My view is that if one caegory is compromised, the entire award is a fraud.

    I was alarmed that D Tunes was not nominated simply because Iyanya was not screaming his name all over his Kukere song. Are organizers not supposed to properly document all songs of the year?

    Naeto C has amassed so many fans on various platforms that anytime you try to point out his errors, your finger is blocked by a human wall of silly opinions. “10/10”, “5 & 6”, and “I Gentle” have the same melody, the same rhythm, only different lyrics and instrumental. And those are supposed to be his best songs in recent time. I’m not just talking about the album, ‘Super C Season’ here, Naeto C has gone from a dope rapper to a failed singer. I can’t understand why or how anyone can award him for this grand flop!

    Then the issue of Solid Star shows there’s beef somewhere. There’s no other explanation. As for Timi Dakolo, you may have come off sounding like you were a personal supporter, but of course, I haven’t heard his album yet. If it’s as good as you say, then I’d be mad as hell too.

    Me, I’m tired of complaining in a few years, I will set up my own awards which will have nothing to do with popularity, and everything to do with creativity.

  6. 1st, if Master craft and SARZ are not among the nominess for Best Producer in almost all d awards for dis year so far, Timi Dakolo isn’t on d R n B and Pop album nominees , and Lyricist on the roll…aaaaarrggh ! HIPHOP WORLD used to be way way berra dan dis na !!!

  7. No Timi Dakolo For RnB Song and Album, No Timi Dakolo for Male Vocal Performance, No D’Tunes for Producer, No Nawti for Best Video…. Its Either this Award is a Total Fraud or the Organisers are used.

    And Again…. Isn’t Song of the year supposed to be from an Album??? Its even stated there…. I wonder what Oliver Twist, Kukere, Cop my Money Rmx and Dami Duro is Doing there sha… (Davido’s Album wasn’t release in the Period under review(March 2011 – February 2012). Confused Lots

  8. 9ice review…I cnt wait 4 vicO,rambo,d’prince to be nominated 4 lyricist on d roll @ d nxt edition…LOL

  9. Ave got notin much to say, am just wondering wat timi dakolo did 2d organisers plus most of d nominations just reveals d shallow depth of musical knowlege on d part of d organisers and am nt supprised.

  10. Nice review Tosin, I agree with majority of ur opinions except dat Shank’s Ghetto wasn’t released in d year under review..W4’s Control couldn’t have ousted any of d songs in d “song of d year” category!! Maybe he should have gotten a slot in d “street hop” category..d lyricist on d roll category is defo a joke..and why Yung6ix didn’t get a slot in d “next rated” category, only God knows buh where I really have issues is d “producer” of d year category, yes Sarz shoulda been there n Dtunes deserves a mention as well buh am really pained dat nobody is talking about Samklef!! For crying out loud, he was responsible for majoriity of d production on Wizkid’s album which everyone agrees is d biggest album last year..how then dyu explain is ommision?? And did y’all notice dat d “most conscious song” category was scrapped dis year after jez one year?? I told someone last year dat category was jez introduced to accomodate n award eLDee who was one of d hosts of last year’s edition!! I’ve jez been proved right..Now dahz politics right there..God bless nigeria!!!

  11. Need i say more? You said it all Tosin and i agree with you. For me tho’ i dint know about BEZ’s album until now altho’ heard the hit single. LONG LIVE NAIJA MUSIC!!!

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