#TosinadedaREVIEW: @Serikiomoowo – Eleda Maa Sun ft @Allanbmusic


Seriki decided to bless his us with a new track, according to him, it’s one of the realest shit he ever wrote on a beat. Been a fan of Seriki since the days of “Aiye l’oja, down to Undisputed, to agbalumo mi”. But this right here is on a whole new level, this is the kinda song you hear, and you just know that dope Hip Hop songs can be done in any language.

Seriki goes hardcore on Eleda Maa Sun, and he features fellow Alapomeji label mate “Allan b” who dropped the second verse on the track produced by Bizzle.

How far Bizzle, Oya  . . i dey record now, Tap your Mic . . oo record mi ni? Taaap YOUR MIC, ehn oya . . Yezir!! J17 . . .  I pop Champaign Eyi day . .  LOL, that intro gets me every time, hearing it alone makes my day!!

Ok lets get serious, Seriki starts of with his intro, then goes in on his first verse.

mo fe lowo, mo fe olosho, mo fe ra ile, mo fe moto, mo fe wealth, mo fe fortune, mo fe hoes, mo fe glory, mo fe cash, mo fe cars, maybach, rolls royce phantom, big boy mo fe binu tan bi python . .  Eleda Maaa Sun” Seriki’s intro defines the what the song is about, he states all the “good” things of life and tells God to remember him.

Iran meta to si po, mo ni lati di olowo, bere mi lowo fadeyi, a so fun e pemi lo l’oro. mo fe di millionaire, mo ma di millionaire, eni toni ko ni ribe, walahi oma ni pneumonia” . .  Seriki wants to be rich and famous, he does a lil word play right there with the Millionaire and pneumonia line.

Eleda Maa Sun, gbo gbo oshi aiye mi ni ko ba mi cancel, lowo yi kim kardashian ni mofe ma ba sun, mo fe ma se bi Oba ninu castle” Still on his dreams on getting rich and famous, he wants all form of bad luck out of his life, he wants posh girls like Kim K, and he wants to live like a king.

His lines are street and hardcore, his next lines are not surprising tho “ti wan ba ma so, wan ma ni mio ni package. Emi na try, mo fe ma package. But kosi bi mo se ma package, swagga mi o le yato si ti awon omo garage“. Seriki is street for life.

His next lines are my favorite from the track, brilliant if you ask me . .  “Ninu rappers to bad, emi ni mo worst. ti wan ba sope tani best, da oruko mi first . . ” He uses the words Worst and Best to describe how good he is, brilliant innit?

Allan B comes up with his own style and dopeness, even with a new hook. “Mo fe lowo, mo fe ra ile, mo fe ko ile Amin, mo fe pe l’aiye, emi gigun, aya fife Amin, omo bibi, moto rira, ati igbega Amin . . .  Eleda Maa Sun

Call NDLEA, my style is doper than cocaine” Every rapper is allowed to brag right? Allan B did brag here about how dope he is. . .  “Ti mi oba lowo, ma faringa, Oluwa jo jo jo jo jo Noooooo, Eleda maa sun . . Ifokan bale, lai gbabere or lo capsule, iru owo ti mo fe ni ki o ma ni part 2” . . Back to the aim of the song, Allan B tells God the kinda life he wants to live, long life with satisfaction in good health, and off course with plenty of money.

So far both rappers nailed it, but Seriki crowns it all up with the 3rd verse, my favorite verse on the track, it was more like he was talking to God one – on – one, and telling him: You are the only one i can trust, men cannot be trusted as all they can do is promise and fail. The verse is deep, and makes a lot of sense.

Eleda Maa Sun HUHN , Eleda Maa Sun HUHN . . don’t you just love the rozay grunt effect on the song? well i do, if you don’t, well . . . . . . . . .

Ok back to Seriki’s 2nd verse

Iwo lo le gba ebe mi, Iwo leje mi, kon se omo ele mi, kon se awon ti wan mo ibere mi. kon se awon ti wan je oju mi, ti wan wa ile mi mo, Mi o fe ogun promise and fail l’aiye mi mo” . . this is as real as it gets!

Ti wan ba ri mi ni siyin, wan pe baba baba ooooo, street gbemi sori bi lapa lapa ooo”  . . He brags about his street credibility here, that lapa lapa line both dope and hilarious! . . . . . .  “Seriki mo ti je lo, mo kana ju ilaje lo,  get rich or die trying, en kan lomo okunrin ku, i’m not lying. . . i took my destiny in my hands, mo ja ara mi, bi epo gbona walahi oshin gba lara mi”. Straight to the point, Seriki tells us how he’s not slacking on the paper chase, it’s YOLO, Make the paper before you die.

Mon flow bi kanye, mon swag bi lupe, mi o ko reggae, mo lucky mi Dube

Eleda Maa Sun is the kinda track that emphasizes the fact that a dope rap song can be done is any language other than English. Hardcore joint, dope on all levels, from the beat to the delivery, to the flow on the beat and some really good lines. Track gets 8/10 from me . . .


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  1. Very very wonderful and articulate review. The review is very direct and straight to the point, reviewing every line of the song makes it very very interesting. Apart from reviewing the song this review need to be reviewed, Tosin u are a beast yo

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