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Saw the title of this song and first thing that came to mind was “na one of those rubbish songs wey no make sense”, but I listened and the first thing that caught my attention obviously was the beat. Kiddominant is sick with his beats these days, then I listened again, and in between the whole groove of the beat, I could pick out the aim and purpose of the song, the verses were well written, and the hook is contagious, and Orezi showed us a bit of the richness of his vocals.

The song is purely about that special girl, the girl that makes you go the extra mile just to impress her. The first verse is all about impressing the girl “e get this fine for my area, when ever she pass we dey mental, every night we be chilling at the corner, all dressed in dolce & Gabbana, just to impress this sexy little mama ….” He went on to express his desire for the girl on the first verse as a well, “girl I really want to know you, cos your booty dey cause commotion, I wanna be the one to hold you, girl you got my attention“…

Then comes the chorus/hook, that sticks after just one listen, this is where the title of the song finally has a meaning, Rihanna in this song is a metaphor for the kind of girl that makes a guy wanna go an extra mile, a special woman, a beauty, omo toh set etc etc …  “Girl you look like Rihananana, you got me screaming oh na na na” offcourse the sexual innuendo had to come in somewhere right “Rihananana I wanna give you my banana” … He further goes on to emphasize that he ain’t talking about just any kind of girl, but a ghen ghen girl, lol.. “I no dey talk of silifa, mi o ba e so omo iya Basira, if you see this girl you go mara“. Obviously, “silifa” and “Omo Iya Basira” are just metaphors, like “Rihanna”.

Verse two is where he fully says his mind to his “Rihanna”, he does a little of raggae on the verse. “Hey pretty girl, I want you to be my queen, I get the power to fight for you like Tyson“. Tries to convince her that he’s serious about her, and he’s ready to give his all for, also tells his “Rihanna” to pay no attention to what other girls say about him, as they only want ruin what they have.

Its a good song, beat on point, lyrics on point, hook on point, delivery on point, I like the fact that he added something extra to the dope beat, he wrote to it, and it made sense.  Orezi gets 8/10 from me on this joint..

He didn’t tell us if he finally got his “Rihanna” though, LOL …

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7 thoughts on “#TosinadedaREVIEW: Orezi – Rihanna”

  1. The song is dope orezi has alwyas delivered and never disappointed its not just all beats the lyrics is actually sensible…. Right on bro jha bless .

  2. D song & d lyrics re vry sensible & wel arranged. It maks me tnk abt d gal i rily lov buh neva gav me chance. I pray i gat her hat!

  3. I have already posted dis on her wall looking forward to see a remix featuring Rihana. I love dat track gud work Orezi

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