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Loopy’s own Loose Kaynon decided to do music again after a long while, been a fan since like the first time i heard “Jack Bauer”, a track he dropped a while back.

I remember meeting him weeks ago, and he talked about how he had gathered enough experience from Loopy’s CEO “Mi Abaga” to storm the music scene. Guess he was right, he recently dropped two singles, one of which is what this review is about. “Aka na Enu” ft Phyno.

Days before he dropped the official singles, he dropped a freestyle “Gemini”, where he reminded us of his dope-ness on the beat. he went in, talked about the hustle, the talks about him not being ready, and how he’s ready to take the game by the horn.

Imma just drop a few lines off that track . . .

Damn Loose got his heart on the sleeves again, fans are skeptical, they ain’t trying to be deceived again, like he’s gonna stay for a while and then leave again, have you really dealt with dem demons from deep within? . . . . . Are you for real this time should we take you serious?

I appreciate the love and the honesty, and honestly you witnessing the birth of a dynasty

To be frank i could jump in the ocean and swim good, dodging all these industry sharks, i wont be sea food

Took a year off, got fat and came back doper, still no competition, these rappers is mediocre, game time, game face on, no poker . . Iunno what drive you, my hustle is my own Chauffeur

“I was built for the hate, that’s what my middle finger for”

“They said hip hop is dead, i guess i’m Jesus on the 3rd day”

“I’m here to eat rappers, you favorite MC’s on the menu”

“Flow outta this world, they think aliens abduct us. i guess that’s why they hate a nigga, they so uncle ruckus”

Barz Barz & more barz . . You should listen to the freestyle, if you haven’t.

Now back to the Review . .

I was really skeptical about how Loose kaynon was gonna deliver on a fast tempo beat, and drop a lines on a pop-like beat, was surprised when i hear “Aka na Enu”, he did his thing so well, and for an Emcee known for Punchlines & Metaphors kinda songs, i was really impressed.

The beat i must say is crazy, i hear it was produced by Phyno & Mr Abaga himself, the beats sets the tempo for tha kinda song that makes you wanna skank.

Phyno starts off with the hook, his delivery was just superb, i’m beginning to feel like this dude is a complete Hip hop package. His delivery when he raps, his hooks, his beats: are always dope, his dress sense is kinda unique too.

He played his part well on this joint with his “Aka na Enu” chants on the hook.

Loose Kaynon went in with his lines, he definitely has learnt a lot, as he did a lot of pidgin flows, and still came out dope. he dropped lines that matched the tempo/purpose of the song: “Aka Na Enu” means put your hands up.

Ehen we dan dey rock now, got the whole building shaking from the top down, Loose: one and only i no get pair, dem never see my type before, you go fear fear, give it up for the illest, the industry is a jungle and we the biggest guerillas

The way he delivered his lines in pidgin & English is just perfect, and he still came out dope and correct. .

“You got ears and some sense, you gotta to feel us, they been waiting on me like the second coming of Jesus  . . it’s a massacre every time i write a bar, i got them scared like house boy wey batch em master car, putting the game in a choke hold, these boys telling cool stories i flow cold”

He still managed to brag on this track, and did a lil sub for haters in that first line, more like you gotta feel us if your smart.

LOL one of my favorite lines “Got the lines, got the hooks, wey the titus?”  . .

Phyno does his thing again on the hook after the first verse, and i just can’t help but sing along, the beat makes the hook even more dope.

Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu Aka na Enu

2nd verse, and Loose went in again, nailed it, and buried the beat once more with his pidgin and English flows

“For East dem talk say i be beast, cos every time i be on the beat, i leave it deceased, and anytime i step in the booth they call me a priest, cos i bless the beat and let it rest in peace”

“The streets endorse me, i guess i just be fresh tout” . .  he claims street credibility with this line, for sure the streets will love Aka na Enu.

“Flow heavenly, i’m spitting with a blessed mouth” .  . iLike this line.

“Me i can’t shout, abegi . . if you never show me money, oh boy you no ready” . . Money is the deal yo, no money no bizness . .

And the hook is up again *leaves PC, stands up and throws hands in the air, chanting Aka Na Enu Aka Na Enu* . . LOL, pardon me, the hook is infectious!

Loose is up again, a word for the haters

“dem just gather their sef, dem just dey yarn paa, dey table my matter, say Loose on no pass rap, wax lyrical you girl front row dey clap, after the shpw she give me more head than face cap”

LOL as hilarious as these lines look & sound, the SUB is heavy, like you hating on me but your girl be blowing me . .

“Rap Rapper Rappest, life no be speed, no be by fastest, Loopy music knows that they signed an asset, bringing that new flow, una dey sound like cassette”

I see what he did here, more like Yeah i might be late, but it’s not a matter of who started first, i’m an asset, i’m the best, y’all are washed off, i’m the new/real deal.

“what next, cash in excess, i;m steady eyeing your chic, she looking like my next ex”

“The game is tasteless, i dey bring salt, i beat the beat up, verbal assault” . . I’m the salt of the game, i add flavor, the game needs me. A lil twist in the “Verbal assault” line though, a lawyer friend was trying to explain to me that an assault is like a threat in LAW, which means if he assaulted the beat, he didn’t really beat it up . . Anyway, we learn everyday, i still like the line though.

That really sums up the whole song, lines on point, delivery on point, the beat is banging, the hook is massive, “Aka na Enu” will really get you you putting your hands up in the clubs!

Song gets 8/10 from me.

Aka na enu f. Phyno DOWNLOAD

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