#TosinadedaREVIEW: @Erigganewmoney – Paper Boi ft @Olamide_YBNL


Frukpe niggas, dey do like say dem no know say na Ray X do the beat. . Ray X aka Rayconex went psycho on this beat, the beat gives the feel of an anticipated murder on the MIC.

Erigga and Olamide went in the beat and the result is dopeness, sickness, murder, annihilation of the beat!

“Erigga paperboy, Olamide Baddo . . . . .  If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense. Your boy from the south and the kid from the west side, legendary hustlers we no settle for less, play with my money, you dey play with my temper” The intro by Olamide on the hook is spot on, the delivery on the Ray X’s beat is smooth, and the message is clear.

Erigga goes in on the first verse, tells us how everything changed for the better since he blew up, and vows to rep the streets that made him till he’s gone.  “Ever since I blew . . . . .  all my belts been Gucci and Luis Vuitton, I stay repping the streets till I kick bucket, with flows wey dirty pass native doctor pocket”. . He goes on to tell us he’s street and hard core, and only God can judge him, nobody else. “I’m Erigga, that head wey dey break kernel, na only God fit judge me, f*ck Oputa panel”. For those who never heard of Oputa panel, google is still up and running.

Erigga’s next lines are controversial and scary; he throws a major SUB to “Only God knows”, and warns anyone who wants to take his throne to be ready to face the music. “God of the streets, old papa wan drag my title, no problem but ready butu (bow down) give my rifle, cos when you hear tonto tonto, no be dike, Na that tonto wey dey leave your body parts decay”. Ok this more than a SUB, this a warning, if he means any of what he said in dem lines, I’m sure whoever those lines were directed to don’t wanna find out.

Oh wait, he isn’t done just yet “I wicked die, no play with me like cele girls, e no hard me track you where you dey select wears, shoot you, watch your body bounce like yeye cheque, I still dope even if you play me for yeye deck”. This Nigga from the south is def dope with his pidgin flow; this verse is good, very good.

Olamide is next up after the hook, and I must confess, his delivery on his first 8 bars shocked me, never heard him deliver that way ever before. Dude is working hard to get better (quality of a good rapper). “Spending and earning, Living and learning, find me in the club I’ll be sipping on henny, got few friends but my bitches are many, keep talking trash I don’t understand any ” he flowed effortlessly on the beat as he delivered these lines.

Funmi lowo mi, ma kosi bami, bami s’oja mi but ma mu osuka mi, Oluwa lo funmi ni agbara ti mo fin pa dan, ma bo irawo mi, ma bo mu supa mi”. Vintage Olamide with his aggressive and almost violent flow and delivery, went on to talk to haters in those lines, pay me my money, ok you are gonna help me, but don’t hold me to ransom, My skill and talent is from God alone, do not try to take my shine.

Erigga is back up again . . . “Olamide leave, make dem dey frown face. The gbana wey I dey smoke still big pass their fan base”. Sometimes I just wonder how this dude thinks of his lines, he always delivers.

The track gets 8.5/10 from me; both rappers did fantastic on this joint. Shout out to Ray X, beat is SICK!!!!!


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