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Driving home sometimes last year, through the horrid Lagos traffic, I heard a song with the chorus “Ola o tan, Ola ku seyin, Oluwa show your mercy…..”

The melody was so smooth, the chorus was so infectious, it was some sought of prayer which i could relate to, but i didn’t know who sang the song.

Judging by the tone and texture of the voice, I though it was a new song by Wizkid.

I searched the major blogs for latest wizkid songs, listened to them but i didn’t find the song. I was so much interested in the song and the artiste, that i even tweeted about it, but got no response.


Sometimes around December 2015, a link to the song popped up on my Twitter Timeline and that was my answer, his name is bigLITTLE.

I decided to contact his team: “HF Media Ltd” to feature him on this edition of #TosinadedaHYPE. I hope you find him as interesting and talented as i do.


1. What is your full name?

James Adagba


2. What was growing up like, as regards music

Music has been in my blood since childhood when my mum,sister and brother were in the choir. I started singing from when I was 12 in the church choir. I knew then that music was my passion and there was nothing else I wanted to do. My parents were not in support because I’m from a religious home and they did not see music as a prospect. I had to prove a lot to them to get their support and now they are my no 1 fan.

I’m blessed!!

3. You are 18 years old, how are you able to mix education and music?

Growing up for me was really fun, because I’m that young kid that always loved being in the studio. I’m a studio rat and people love me for that, and also because i was so dedicated to my grind. My parent gave me tough times because they wanted me to go to school and quit music, but I made them understand that I can do both well together so they had no choice than to support.

4. When did you record your first song?

I recorded my first song wen I was 14 with two other guys in my school. Although it was fun at the time things didn’t last long with us.
At 15 I put out a freestyle that got me recognition from people in the industry and that’s how my career took off. It was a good feeling having people show me love which further encouraged me to perfect my craft.

5. When did you start music professionally and tell us about your record deal?

I professionally started music last year 2015 and its been great so far.

I’m currently signed to HF Music, ever since i signed up with them it’s been blessings on blessings and the beginning of my success story.

bigLITTLE – As e dey hot


6.  “Ola’Otan” was that breakthrough song, what’s the inspiration?

I wanted to make an end of year song that people can relate too. I was in the studio with my producer sometime ago and this Ola’otan ola ku seyin kept coming to my head, and all of sudden I started free-styling and that’s how i just came up with the chorus and the first verse, and my producer loved it. I did the second verse and that was it.

Everybody love’s “ola’otan” both young and old and I’m so grateful to God for life and the blessings his bestowed upon me.

bigLITTLE – Ola O’tan


7. Similarities with Wizkid, do you get that a lot?


Yeah, A lot of people compare me to Wizkid but I don’t see the similarities, however I think he is a wonderful singer .

My sound, style of music is more of a fusion of Afro-beat and Afro-pop. I know with time people will see the difference.

8. You worked with Dj Jimmy Jatt on the song “Oyato”, what was that like?


It was a dream come true for me, Uncle Jimmy Jatt is a veteran and a legend. When he called me over for a song, I was very excited at the chance to work with him. The song’s been out for a while now, and people are loving it.

DJ Jimmy Jatt x BigLITTLE – Ayato (prod. Magik)


9. What will you say makes your music different from others?


These days, people just want to dance but its not making sense, because most new cat’s coming up just want to follow the trend and sing music without content, but music to me is life and I’m not here by mistake or luck. I want to do music that will stand the test of time and also make people dance.   To me Music is everything!

10. Who are your musical influences, Both old and new

My major idols are Bob Marley, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and 2Face Idibia, they formed a huge part of my childhood. I’ve also grown to love artistes like Drake and Rihanna, I admire their lyrical flow and delivery.

11. What do we expect from bigLITTLE in 2016

Right now, the video for my latest single Ola’otan is out everywhere so make sure you check that out!

Expect nothing but great music and videos, bigLITTLE is here to stay,we taking over.

12. Thanks for your time bigLITTLE, wish you success. 

Thanks a lot for the platform. Bless


Twitter: @IamBigLITTLE

Instagram and Facebook: IambigLITTLE

Bookings: +234-701-6828989

Email: teambigLITTLE@hfmusicng.com


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