Exam Malpractice, Justice or Wickedness: You Decide

7am and i’m up, the day was here finally, my other room mates were up already reading and doing revisions. Why did i wake up last? perhaps i had done my own reading way back and i was ready for the exam. Exam? yeah i spilled it already, it was the day for CSC305 exam. As planned, we moved in a group to the exam hall for the exam, contrary to the reason i gave earlier for waking up last, i actually didn’t prepare well for the course and my only saviour was for the part i read to come out which was plan A. The plan B was why we moved in a group to the exam hall. Just in case what i read didn’t come out, i had my friends to help me out. But alas, Plan B got smashed before i got to know if plan A would work out. i was quite popular in my department, so as soon as the invigilator saw us walk into the hall together, he probably felt i was the most prepared one, and i was going to help out the other guys, so he called me and put me in front of the wall. I almost peed in my pants, knowing fully well that plan B was gone, and all i had left was my Plan A, which was: the part i decided to read would come out in the exam.

After much pleading with the invigilator that fell on deaf ears, we finally got our answer scripts, and then the question paper. I opened it and glanced through questions 1 – 5, i didn’t find anything that looked like the part i chose to read. I looked back and saw my friends already dismantling the exam, but my case was different. I knew it was an automatic F and a carry over, i just wrote my matric number, my name on my answer sheet, put my head on the table and made a vow to myself: Never in my life will i ever go for an exam with the aim to cheat and pass, never again will i go for an exam will little or nothing in my head.

After the vow, which took less than 5 minutes, i stood up and i went to submit. Everybody was stunned, it was unlike me not to know a thing in an exam, but i gambled, i was unserious and i got the result for my laziness so fast.

Lesson: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Ok that said, i just wanted to share that story with y’all, it just might teach a lesson or few to some of you. The real story is just about to start. . . . . .

There was this guy way back in university, my set, but a different department. He happened to be the class rep of his class  based on his brilliance. He was not from a well to do family, so hustling was part of his life. He hustled so much, he extended it to exam mal practices, sitting for tests for other people and stuff. Even though is was a very silly thing to do, being that he was the class rep and almost all the lecturers in his department knew him, he continued till he was caught in Year 3 first semester.

On this faithful day, he decided to write a exam for a girl who was a year his junior, as usual he got into the hall, but little did he know that it was a move that would put a big dent on his future and his life in general.  The course was a course handled by the HOD of the department, He saw the guy and was surprised, because he knew that he wasn’t carrying over the course. So he approached him, after questioning him, it was obvious that the guy was impersonating, which was an offence that attracted rustication. The HOD took the matter up to the school’s disciplinary committee, and the guy was summoned to an hearing.

After so much begging and pleading on behalf of the guy, by other lecturers, the HOD decided to use his position (He was in the senate at that time), to end the case illegally at the disciplinary committee.

But that was not the end of the matter, there was a twist in the second semester of our final year, a partuclar lecturer had issues with the then HOD of that department and after looking for several ways to hurt the man, he remembered the case of the guy who the HOD helped way back, and wrote a petition to the Vice chancellor and the Senate. Sadly that was how the case was re opened, the guy faced the panel, was found guilty and was rusticated in the last semester in school.

Will you say that justice prevailed or it was just an act of wickedness? you decide and let me know.

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  1. I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice. Abraham Lincoln
    Considering the details of the student in question, and the reason why the lecturer made the Senate reopen the case, it was wicked to ruin the student’s life over a non malicious mistake he made.

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