OK no need for preambles, let me just get straight to the point. The music industry in Nigeria is in a state of decay, and we all are to blame for that. The level of mediocrity that is being churned out on a daily basis is really a cause for alarm. THE BIG QUESTION IS “WHERE DOES CULPABILITY LIE”?

We all are in one way or the other contributing to the decay of the industry. That’s the objective of this Blog post, to address the various causes one after the other. Feel free to pick where you fall into and please do something to change it, for the better of the industry.

1.       Established Musicians

Our dear A list artistes, remember the way you always did everything to put out good music way back, because you couldn’t afford to waste your studio time and money on a particular song, only to get turned down by the public for making bad music? . . . .  Remember how much you wanted to sing about the ills of the society, about the unfairness in the industry etc.  . . Just to make good music?

Remember how you would do everything to impress the crowd at a show, so you could get noticed? All the miming of songs at shows never existed then. .  Remember how you would never go to a show without your performance CD?

Now you dan blow and everything has changed! You dnt give a shit about good music anymore, you dnt give a shit about ur performance on stage anymore, all you care about is the money! Suddenly you dnt care about the ills of the society anymore, suddenly you dnt want to educate anybody with your music anymore, suddenly you are not bothered about how long your music will live, you are not bothered about how your music will touch lives. .  BIG SHAME ON YOU ALL.

I listen to songs from established artistes sometimes, and am like is this the best you can come up with? When u barely had anything, you made good music. Now that God has blessed you through music and have the comfort and the right environment to make music, all you bring out is crap! YOU ARE KILLING THE INDUSTRY. IF THE ARTISTES BEFORE BEHAVED LIKE MANY OF Y’ALL ARE BEHAVING NOW, WE WOULDN’T HAVE ANY MUSIC INDUSTRY LEFT!!!!

Another problem I have with established artistes: You are made, what have you done to support that talent begging to be heard on the streets? How many potential stars have you done something for? You think it’s all about you and you alone. If you really love music and do have a passion for it, you will do everything to see that even when you are out of music, you would have successfully laid a platform for the younger generation to continue. Feature young artistes with a bright future on your songs, it costs you nothing. The young artiste will remember you for that singular act and will even be inspired to do likewise for other artistes when he/she attains your level of success.

You guys play a key and vital role in the development of the industry, stop misusing it. You have the fan base, you have the money, and you have everything. Whatever you put out is always accepted by the various fans/fanatics (sadly). Make use of the opportunity you have to propagate good music that will live long.

2.       Potential Stars

Na una case dey funny  me pass I swear. You guys have put yourself on an imaginary “star level” which you have not attained and you will never attain with the kind of bullshit you put out. For Christ sake, if an A list artiste puts out gabbabe and it gets accepted, it’s because he/she already has a blind fan base already, it’s because no matter what they sing, they will always get their shows, it’s because no matter what they sing, the blogs will post it, Radios/TV will air it. Yes our industry has gotten that bad, and everybody is waiting on you guys to bring something new to the table, but what do we have these days? THE SAME MEDIOCRITY FROM THE ESTABLISHED ONES IS BEING DISPLAYED BY THE UPCOMING ONES! In fact the mediocrity displayed from you guys is even worse than the established ones. Sometimes I ask myself, who will give these established ones a run for their money if the supposed “talented” potential stars are even worse than the established ones.

You never make anything, you dey sing about money, women, weed etc etc. where is the fuckn content? Where is that substance that will make the average Nigerian music listener crave for more from you? IF ALL YOU DO IS NOT BETTER THAN WHAT IS ALREADY ON GROUND, WHY SHOULD PEOPLE LISTEN TO YOU?

I listen to some songs sometimes and I just shake my head with pity for the industry. Little wonder why the established acts sit comfortably at the top, knowing fully well that there is no competition from nowhere. And when there is no competition, they tend to relax and make mediocre songs. Some of una never get voice for the industry, una dan use autotune spoil song. The only chance you have to perform at a show with a large crowd, all you do is mime on a CD. You don’t even care about content and substance anymore. HOW YOU WAN TAKE MAKE AM? HOW U WAN TAKE GET AUDIENCE? HOW PEOPLE WAN TAKE KNOW YOU? WHEN ALL YOU DO IS TO SOUND LIKE THE ESTABLISHED ARTISTES.

Word of advice to you guys, the earlier you wake up the better. Put out good stuffs and watch how people will crave for your music. The time is now!!!!!

  1. OAP’s / Dj’s / On air personalities

First of all, I don’t understand why some of you demand money before playing music. I mean don’t you get paid to work on air?  Your job is to play good music and air good videos innit? When did it change? . . .  Ok ok let me get mild on you guys, let’s say it’s the Nigerian factor and stuff. But seriously, let’s talk music and leave out the entire money thing, if you tax people and play good music, fine I have no problem with that. But sometimes, the kind of songs I hear on radio dey make me wonder if you guys really have the love of the music industry at heart. Big ups to the likes of Biggy of Rhythm FM. . . . That Nigga plays good music every time, no segregation and shit!

Please you guys have the power to put good music in the heart of Music fans, stop misusing it for peanuts. You can dedicate a section of your show to playing unknown artistes who make good music. Do stuffs you will be remembered for and don’t be remembered for your corrupt practices before airing music.

You guys get loads of music every day; endeavour to promote the good ones from time to time, help the growth of the music industry, and stop contributing to the decay of the industry.


  1. Bloggers

Respect to the bloggers that post good music online with or without money, shame on the ones who will ignore good music because the artiste can’t afford to pay you.

If you ask me, I am of the opinion that a blogger should promote good music from time to time, with or without money. I understand that “bloggers must chop” but money isn’t everything. What kinda blogger do you want to be known for? Think about it.

The internet these days has become a good medium for promoting music; don’t misuse it for 30 pieces of silver! Money go everly come with time, na persistence and hardwork we need.

Blog good music, help in the development of the music industry!

The final group of peeps i want to address are the so called fans . . .  this part hurts me the most so i might get a lil emotional . . .

  1. Fans/Groupies/fanatics/famzers/Asskissers etc (i don’t even know which we have in Nigeria again)

From what I know, we are meant to be fans of the art itself, fans of music. It’s not out of place to have our favourite artistes, but that should be based on the content of the artiste, and it should in no time make us bias in anyway. But what do we have these days? People are no more fans of the art, instead we have become fanatics of artistes, no matter what that particular puts out.

Some of us act like the artistes feed us, pay our bills and shit. .  We are ready to attack anybody who talks against the content of our favourite artiste. We have become lovers of artistes, instead of the art itself, that shit blinds us to reality.

You pay to buy CD’s, you pay to go to shows, You pay to download music, and yet you don’t mind if a particular artiste is singing shit, all because we have closed our eyes to the reality that we are not doing the artiste any favour by indulging in his/her crap.

Just take a visit to major blog sites and you will marvel at the stupidity of some so called fans. No form of constructive criticism by a true fan is allowed to pass by, without insults from some idiots who have thrown away dignity and common sense all because they have become fanatics of the artiste. For Christ sake, the artistes don’t feed you; in fact the reverse is the case! You feed them. .

Why ridicule yourself all because you support an artiste? Of what use are you, if u support an artiste, you buy his music, you go for his shows and you can’t talk when the artiste puts out crappy music? That’s the height of foolishness! You think the artiste knows you? The highest they will do for you is to give you recharge cards and tweet at you. Is that worth all the ridicule you put yourself through? Think about it. . .

We fans don’t know the power we have, if we say no to crap, the artistes will be forced to put out quality stuffs. But when the artistes know that they have a steady fan base of moronic idiots who will constantly fight for them, they will always put out average stuffs. . In the end, we fight for them, they make their money, the industry keeps dying, and we keep listening to crap!


We have gotten so bad that if we feel that a particular artiste has issues with our favourite artiste, we do everything possible to put down that artiste. We go from blog to blog to talk shit about them and bad mouth their music. An example is the Kellyhansome and Choc boiz saga, sometimes I marvel at the comments I see about kellyhansome. How can you hate on an artiste’s music all because he dissed your favourite artiste? It defies common sense and logic.

Kelly hansome is one talented dude, that makes good music, but unfortunately we the so called fans will kill good music, kill a good artiste, all because we feel that he has no right to attack a certain set of people. We have forgotten that we are fans of good music and not artistes, we have forgotten that we use our hard earned money to buy music and attend shows, we have forgotten that competition only makes artistes put out quality stuffs, which means good music for us the fans.

I know what i faced from people on twitter when i blogged the reminisce Diss to Vector. People called me all sorts and accused me of being anti vector and pro reminisce. . But for crying out loud, am a fan of good music, they both make good music. Even if am a fan of vector and i don’t even know reminisce at all, I shouldn’t hate on him because he dissed Vector, more so when the supposed song is a good song.

I dan tire jare, God help us all . . . more work needs to be done by everybody to save the decline of the Nigerian music industry!




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  1. Omg!!!this is a great piece and i think errbody that thinks himself an artiste(both the made ones n upcoming) should read this,if you consider yourself a fan of good music too.

  2. Its a good tin u mentioned d fact about up coming acts putting up average works cos d tin don turn somtin else. Nobody one take challenge or push thierselves 2d limit

  3. All I can say is, well done bro; truth is still alive in this country….and u spoke it today, right here, God bless you……..

  4. God bless you bro!!! This piece captured the whole matter!! I think the worst culprits are the OAPs & bloggers that refuse to play &post good music from upcoming acts just cos they cannot afford to grease their palms!! God help Nigerian music. More power to your elbow bruv!

  5. Well said Tosin! Especially about the part about OAPs and Djs. I’ve always been of the opinion if an OAP or DJ has any reason to collect money from an artiste for crying out loud the song should at least be airworthy! Sadly it’s become a case of if ur pocket’s fat enough, crap or not, ur song will get played! However I believe the average fan/listener is gradually getting to a point where crap by an artiste will be refused! The earlier fans realise the power they have, the better for the industry.

    1. My brother is an upcoming artiste who’s realy talented and m not jus saying that cos he’s my bro,but even with how good he is its been an endless stuggle tryin to get his music out and his songs have been rejected countless time cos accordin to the dj’s and other pple in a position to help him,Nigerians r not yet ready to listen to his kinda songs,y don’t dey let d nigerians decide for demselves?,I fink most ppl jus wanna listen to joints dat r bout women,weed n hw much money dey hav and spend,etc ,n dats nt wat music shud b all bout

  6. Nicely constructed, targeted all sectors in the Naija Music Industry (NMI) , good 1 Tosin. Even bloggers are fans and we are the major problem because if we stop blogging about shitty songs or we criticise constructively, we would be helping our dear NMI. Pmonkz is actually coming up with a forum for bloggers where we will know the importance our help to our dear NMI and also promote GOOD ARTISTE.
    Thank you Tosin for this piece. God bless Tosin, God bless Pmonkz, God bless NMi and God bless Naija

  7. When we all refused and critize iceprince for the first Oleku video…did he not change it? He did..even if the other one wasn’t any better…but he changed it…we the fans have all the power
    Shouts to you for this post….Oaps abeg come correct!

  8. I was speaking with someone yesterday about this very issue… Especially the bloggers & Oap’s part…There are many talented Nigerian musicians that have been unable to get their work out there, and not because they didn’t try, its sad. The music industry is sleeping on a goldmine of talent…

  9. Nice 1,, ‎​ȋ̝̊̅̄ felt †ђξ part where djs collect money τ̅☺ play wack music,, and established act not working wit a coming up act,,, nice article ,, Good work

  10. This is one of the best articles that I have ever read. Every word was on POINT! As a “potential star”, I had been discouraged by the kind of music that is being promoted, getting airplays, taking the place of good music in the hearts of the listeners. Such awful songs getting massive promos make good artistes think twice about investing their hard earned cash into recording another great song, just to see his work get shoved aside by the fans and promoters for a mediocre product. Well, I am working on my songs and myself too. . . God bless you ma for this lovely, assuring article.

  11. As much as I love this post I must say dis I was really disapppointed when u mentioned the name kelly handsome cos personally I feel and strongly believe he had no right to mention anybody’s name especially when dey re colleagues in the same line of work he’s a talented dude no doubt but if your fellow artistes sounds wack its not your duty to say so more or less diss him on a track.i was disppointed cos I felt kelly handsome should put more energy into making good music instead of disssing any1.lovely post I must say once again.

    1. u’ve said it urself . . . he’s a talented dude!
      i wouldnt hate on good music cos he dissed anybody . .
      and just so u know, M.I replied him and did a video.
      in the end, its all about the music and how good it is . .

      thanks for reading and thanks for liking it, means a lot 🙂

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