I decided to watch the news like ever other day, on Channels TV and one particular news headline caught my attention.

“Bayelsa Students on Scholarship in the UK cry about being neglected by the Government”

A video interview with some of the students by Channels TV crew, can be seen below

The Chairman of the Bayelsa state Scholarship Board, Mrs Rebecca Souwari tried explaining the problem, but if you ask me I wasn’t convinced at all.

As usual, I decided to vent via my Twitter account

complainand i got a reply from one of the affected students in the UK


I decided to go further and have a chat with him to find out the exact details of what exactly is happened. Below are screen shots of the chat.

To the best of my knowledge, before sending students out on scholarships, there must have been a budget for it. Governor Henry Seriake Dickson needs to explain what happened to the budgeted funds meant for these students.

If after 12 months they have gotten nothing, I wonder if they will get anything after the conclusion of the re election that just took place last week.

I am appealing to the Governor of Bayelsa state, Please come to the aid of these students, 12 months is a whole lot of time to leave these students stranded.

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