Arum: UFC to blame if Mayweather vs McGregor does not happen 

​Boxing promoter Bob Arum believes that the only thing that can stop the super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is the UFC.

There are many moving parts in the deal for the fight, but most are being greased by piles of money, or at least the potential money the fight stands to make.

Being CEO of Top Rank, Arum is no stranger to million-dollar fights and is concerned about the UFC’s high demands.

“I think the only impediment there is the UFC, because UFC doesn’t treat fighters the same way that boxing promoters do,” Arum told Fight Hype.

“In other words, UFC fighters get so much less than boxers do. They proposed a deal to Conor that on his share of the purse, they take 50 percent. Now, give me a break.”

UFC boss Dana White stated in February that the fight is nowhere near happening, as no-one had spoken to him about McGregor’s contract with the UFC.

But recently, White has done a u-turn, saying that there is too much money involved for the fight not to happen and a deal is imminent.
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